Brian Smith (scorpio398) wrote in petsforpeace,
Brian Smith

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SUVs for Dean?

why do I see so many damn SUVs with Dean stickers/signs?? what's up with that? is there an SUVs for Dean group or something? Anti-environmentalists for Dean or something?

Vote Kucinich, the TRUE environmentalist choice and Peace candidate.

The Times They are a Changin'

Saturday, tomorrow, is the Washington Caucuses! Get out there and VOTE please!! find yours!

peace to all. we CAN win this. we can get Bush out and Kucinich, the ONLY REAL alternative to Bush, IN! we can do this if we get out and vote.

peace! I've been holding a Kucinich sign everyday for 10-45 minutes on the street corner by my apartments this week. sometimes it's a good thing to live by two main streets and the freeway!
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